About us

We have been researching this EMF therapy technology – we call it Cell Information Therapy (CIT), hence CIT Research – to build a solid scientific foundation. In long standing research partnerships and with own competences in physical and life sciences as well as electro- and medical technology we tackle projects in a truly interdisciplinary effort. We have the analytical, technical and biological capabilities for

  • conducting in vitro cell experiments,
  • developing laboratory instruments and market devices, 
  • designing and monitoring randomised controlled trials (RCTs).

The focus of our biological in vitro activities is the control of experimental conditions in order to demonstrate and reliably reproduce significant effects with disease-related cell models. In our cell culture laboratory we establish standardised operating procedures for laboratory methods and cell handling processes. For example, we test and optimise methods and instruments for counting and analysis of cells or accurate pipetting of different liquids.


Our key technical tasks are the generation of defined electromagnetic fields and the tight control of cell incubation conditions as well as the development of a new MDR compliant market device. Here we employ competencies regarding software and hardware development, construction, instrument validation and regulatory compliance among others.


Understanding the specific patient case is critical for success. From which therapy does he/she benefit most? What is easy to use? How can treatment and improvement of health conditions be monitored? How can intelligently designed clinical trials help us to assess efficacy and also to better understand the patient and doctor perspective? The answers to these questions steer our research and development activities.  


All R&D tasks conducted by our internal team or by research partners undergo a thorough evaluation process before implementation starts.  Driving objective is the scientific proof of disease-related effects of certain electromagnetic fields for therapeutic applications.


Located on the campus of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and integrated in the lively North German Life Science ecosystem we are open to collaborations regarding methods, tools and disease specific approaches which can accelerate our developments.