About us


Based on a solid scientific and technical foundation we demonstrate the therapy potential of EMF technology. Combining this long-known, non-invasive physical therapy technology with digital and wearable innovations we will create effective, personalized and user-friendly care solutions for diseases with an unmet medical need - at reasonable costs and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Developing impact medtech! 

  • Make the care solution accessible and affordable for affected patients - especially elderly women.
  • Let patients experience impact and benefits - regarding their health condition and their quality of life.
  • Let doctors discover intelligent care solutions and more insight into their patients’ journeys.
  • Respect the environment - reduce the COfootprint per treatment as much as possible. 

Our R&D effort is interdisciplinary. With competences in physical and life sciences as well as electro- and medical technology supported by long-standing research partners we have the capabilities to

  • understand the specific patient journey and the doctor perspective,
  • conduct in vitro cell experiments with defined electromagnetic fields and tight control of experimental conditions,
  • develop laboratory tools and MDR compliant wearable medical devices, 
  • intelligently design and monitor clinical trials to assess efficacy,
  • build platform solutions including digital tools for monitoring individual health conditions.


Located on the campus of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and integrated in a lively Life Science ecosystem we are open to collaborations which can accelerate our research & development tasks.