About us


We are building a solid scientific foundation to demonstrate the therapy potential of EMF technology. With our own competences in physical and life sciences as well as electro- and medical technology we and our long-standing research partners tackle projects in a truly interdisciplinary effort. We have the analytical, technical and biological capabilities for


  • conducting in vitro cell experiments,
  • developing laboratory instruments and market devices, 
  • designing and monitoring randomised controlled trials (RCTs).


Our key technical tasks are the generation of defined electromagnetic fields and the tight control of experimental conditions as well as the development of a new MDR compliant market device. Here we employ competencies regarding software and hardware development, construction, instrument validation and regulatory compliance among others.


Understanding the specific patient case is critical for success. Our aim is to deliver an effective, personalized and user-friendly therapy including digital tools for monitoring the individual health conditions. Intelligently designed clinical trials will help us to assess efficacy and also to better understand the patient and doctor perspective.  


All R&D tasks undergo a thorough evaluation process before implementation starts.  Our objective is to develop evidence based therapeutic applications of certain electromagnetic fields for critical diseases.


Located on the campus of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and integrated in the lively North German Life Science ecosystem we are open to collaborations regarding methods, tools and disease-specific approaches which can accelerate our developments.