CIT Concept

The cell information therapy utilises pulsed electromagnetic fields with pulse repetition rates (frequencies) between 3 and 100 Hz.; therefore this method belongs to the area of low-frequency  EMF.  Higher-frequency portions of the frequence spectrum of the CIT fields reach measurably up to the lower MHz-range. The CIT pulse with the current form of application reaches up to a field strength of  300 µT and is therefore a factor of 6 to 7 higher than the earth's magnetic field. However due to the pulses being very short, the temporal-average intensity is lower than that of the earth's magnetic field.

The characteristics of the CIT fields are illustrated in the adjacent figure:

the magnetic field pulse is emitted with a defined repetition rate from a coil. (B). The periodic emission pauses temporarily (A).  A pulse is described by it's signal shape,  pulse length and amplitude (C). The amplitude is the measure of the strength and intensity of the field. Present CIT fields differ with regard to their repetition rate and the send-pause-intervals.





Characteristics of CIT fields: A Send-Pause-Intervals, B Repetitionrate or frequency, C Pulse shape