EMF medical device history

In the 1990s Jens Sachtleben built devices for EMF therapy, named Cell Information Therapy (CIT), which should stimulate the body's ability to regenerate and thus promote healing effect and relief of symptoms in acute and chronic medical conditions.



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1990ies: Auralon C® - First generation EMF device

  • Available to therapists from 1994
  • First certification and CE-Mark as a Class II a medical device in 2000
  • Therapy parameters selection via a multi button interface



Auralon C® adhesive pads and pointer applicator

2004: Somagen® ELF-PEMF - Second generation EMF device

  • Portable Somagen® ELF-PEMF device
  • Chipcard encoded CIT programs for selected diseases (e. g. wound healing)
  • Simple one button interface
  • Also used for in vitro experiments and in clinical studies




2021: Osteo.Disc - Third generation EMF digital device (under development)

  • Custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designed
  • Bluetooth connected, wireless, battery inductive charging
  • Selected sensors integrated (e. g. temperature, accelerometer)
  • Overall dimension: Ø 70 mm x 20 mm, < 50 g


Somagen®- applicator with coil and control unit


 "Functional sample" Osteo.Disc