Research partners

We cooperate with scientists and clinics, to determine the effects of electromagnetic fields on biological systems according to scientific standards in order to provide evidence of concrete therapeutic benefits.  Some of our previous and current  research partners as well as their research topics are listed as follows.

Siegfried Weller Institute for Traumatology Research


Influence of CIT-technology on primary osteoblasts

Institut De Biologie Paris Seine (IBPS)


Alleviation of Inflammation by physical (EMF + light) therapy


Mittelstand 4.0 Centre of Excellence Kiel


Development of a wireless interface for use in a medical device environment

University of Southern Denmark


Analysis of value proposition and patient journey regarding EMF therapy

Medical applications


Influence of CIT-technology on the  regeneration of cell cultures damaged through oxidative stress


AG Immune regulation


  • Influence of CIT-technology on the activation status and cytokine secretion of murine CD4+ and CD8+ T-lymphocytes
  • Influence of CIT-technology on the signal transduction after TCR stimulation in human T-cell lines

Department of Applied Cell Therapy


Influence of CIT-technology on the differentiation and function of immune oppressive macrophage populations

Medical Clinic I - experimental Oncology


Investigation of the influence of various CIT-parameters on the quantity and quality of the extracellular microparticles secreted by tumour cells

Computer Science VII


Ontology based analysis and visualisation of the induced morphological changes of cells through CIT

Clinic and Polyclinic for Trauma Surgery and experimental Trauma Surgery


Influence of CIT-technology on the osteogenic differentiation of stem cells for bone regeneration


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