Electromagnetic waves and fields

Electromagnetic force is one of the four known fundamental forces, with which all phenomena und structures in the universe can be explained according to the current knowledge base. This force is responsible for all chemical binding und and as  a result for any biological activity as well. Nuclear and chemical bindings are the result of electromagnetic interactions of atoms amongst each other.

Electromagnetic Waves are comprised of oscillating, vertically to one another standing magnetic and electric fields, that disseminate in one direction.

CIT fields lie in the low-frequency area of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Several examples for electromagnetic waves in everyday life are: visible light, mobile communications, 50-Hz-AC mains power supply or X-radiation in the medical field. The energy of the radiation is proportional to the frequency, so that Roentgen and Gamma radiation are harmful to one's health. The pulsed electromagnetic CIT fields belong to the low-frequency area of the spectrum. This means, that the energy of the CIT fields is far lower than that of the conventional radiation therapy and even lower than the radiated power of an ordinary smartphone.